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Create your own wetland plan

Waikato landowners have developed a keen interest in creating, restoring and managing wetlands on their land. Use this template to plan your wetland restoration and management. Image of wetland factsheets

Landowners value wetlands for many reasons including:

  • the wildlife they contain
  • the role wetlands play in water management
  • their attractiveness as an on-farm feature
  • their potential as a recreational area.

Waikato Regional Council has created many resources to help landowners in the Waikato Region restore and manage their wetlands:

  • Order a copy of our Wetland Management Factsheets, which include tips and lists of suitable plant species.
  • Check out our online information in Freshwater Wetlands.
  • Use our wetland template to design a plan to manage and restore your wetland. Our wetland plan example will guide you in filling in your own plan template.

Waikato Regional Council is also involved in local events associated with World Wetlands Day, held every year on February 2.

Print your plan template

See our tips on using this template to create, restore and/or manage your wetland.

Wetland plan template

This is a blank template which you can use to design your wetland management and restoration plan.

Our Wetland Restoration Plan - template
(95 kb, 13 seconds to download, 56k modem)

Wetland plan example

This is an example of a completed template. You can use this to give yourself an idea of how you might fill your own plan template out.

Our Wetland Restoration Plan - example
(167 kb, 23 seconds to download, 56k modem)

Tips on creating your plan

  • Read through the plan headings first to get a good feel for what needs to be done.
  • Read through the example to get a feel for the type of information to record.
  • Don't feel you have to complete the template in one go, or from start to finish. Fill in the easy sections as you gather information.
  • Use our wetland restoration information to help you decide what to do and where to start. You can find this information online or order printed copies of our free wetland factsheets.
  • Talk to a range of people to get the advice you need for the different sections, for example:
    • district and regional councils (to check if you need a consent, identify legal/social issues, and find out about plant pests and pest control methods)
    • local native plant nurseries (for suitable plants for your area, identifying plants in your site and an idea of costs involved in purchasing plants)
    • Fish and Game Council (to find out about wildlife and wildlife needs)
    • local earthworks contractors (for information on costs, feasibility of works and access issues)
    • neighbours who have undertaken similar work (for tips on good contractors and sources of seeds for growing plants)
  • Use pencil so you can make changes as you go along - situations and plans often need altering as you learn along the way.
  • The total cost of the project in the completed example would be much lower if the owners did the labour. Note also that the costs are broken up over a number of years - not everything has to be done at once. Find out more about funding opportunities.